About Us

Mission Statement

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Project Background

For years Susan Ranstead drove by the empty town field at 175 Salmon Brook Street and thought it was a missed opportunity for the town. In 2021, she decided to share this thought on the Granby Living page and asked if other residents would like to see a field full of bulbs. Native gardeners quickly joined the comments, suggesting that instead of bulbs, we use the opportunity to grow sustainable native wildflowers that would support our local pollinators. Susan didn’t need much convincing to begin exploring this new idea and began reaching out to town and McLean officials to see if the idea was doable without disrupting the local ecosystem.  

Susan formed a Board full of other passionate Granby residents and by August 2021, the project received unanimous approval from the Board of Selectmen. MORE HERE

The Friends of Granby Wildflower Meadow is committed creating a beautiful, sustainable, low-maintenance project that will beautiful our town, bring back native pollinators, and support local agriculture.



Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of 12 members and meets once a month. General organization members are invited to attend our annual meeting. 


Susan Ranstead, President

Lauren Stuck, Vice President

TBA, Treasurer

Whitney Sanzo, Secretary


Scientists & Native Plant Specialists

Jenica Allen, CREDS

Zachery Donais, CREDS

Aubrey Schultz, CREDS

Board Members

Marcie Braden

Dianne Lindengrass

Chris O’Neil

Julie Sweeney

There are currently two open seats on our Board. If you are passionate about our town and/or native gardening, please contact us to apply for a board position. 

About Membership

The Friends of Granby Wildflower Meadow projects are made possible with the support of our members. MORE HERE. Links to become a member