Wildflower Seeds

Custom Wildflower Seed Mix

A mix for average soil moisture w/ at least 6 hours of full sun

Our science team has chosen a special blend of 22 wildflowers native to the Granby area. Slightly varied from our meadow seeding mix, we have removed aggressive varieties so that you can plant these on your property for optimal results. A custom seed mix made for FOGWM by Vermont Wildflower Farm.

Wildflowers Included


  • Clear: Remove or reduce weedy cover of the area to be seeded
  • Mow: Mow or light tilling the area to be planted. Be cautious with tilling as it may bring up other dormant seeds in the soil.
  • Timing: Sow seeds in the fall after a killing frost has occurred, but before the ground freezing,
    sprinkle seeds over the desired area. Some seeds require light for germination; do not cover seeds.
    Note: Perennial wildflowers take time to establish; it may take several years to see some of
    the flowers in this mix. Be patient!
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