Pollinator Pathway Pledge

The Granby Meadow is part of the Pollinator Pathway. You can add your property to the growing list of homeowners who have committed to helping pollinators.

Join the Pathway & Take the Pledge

I pledge to support and protect pollinators by using native plants, refraining from pesticides and herbicides, and helping my neighbors and friends learn how they can be on the Pollinator Pathway. Supportive practices include:

  • Have a sequence of blooms from spring to fall of native host plants and pollinator favorites.
  • Use organic practices, such as compost, and avoid synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, treated mulch, or other chemicals.
  • Reduce the size of my lawn as much as possible.
  • Wait till spring for garden clean-up to provide shelter and food throughout the winter.

Click to visit the Pollinator Pathway website to learn more. 

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